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Sennheiser presents its digital headphone amplifier

Old Lyme, CT – April 17, 2012 – Building a hi-fi device that sounds so brilliant, so crystal clear and so free of distortion as if one were sitting right in front of the audio source. Creating a level of acoustics that surpasses everything that has gone before. These are the visions that drive Sennh ...    Read More »

Velodyne Optimum-12 Subwoofers Review

Adjusting the controls on a subwoofer for best performance takes time and patience. It is always interesting to see ads for used subwoofers appear on the Web stating “only a week old” or “barely broken in”. These almost always identify a dissatisfied owner. I would bet that the owner did not take th ...    Read More »

Element Signature Apollo Speaker Cables Review

This review of Element Signature Apollo speaker cables presented some unusual challenges. What is the inherent sound of this component? Are there any particular characteristics which affect the sound in a positive or a negative way? What is the magnitude of the difference? Every review presents ...    Read More »

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Orpheus or Abbatoir?

So which disc from that great Nick Cave 2-CD set is your favorite now that it has sunk in for a year. Listening to The Lyre of Orpheus this morning and have to say that it's probably my favorite now, but that's kind of a switch for me since I've generally gone with Abbattoir Blues when I pulled it o ... Read More »

Wow! (Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus)

I know I'm not the first to say it around here about this very classy new 2-disc set from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, but like my subject line says, wow! Beautiful cloth covered slip case that holds the 2 CDs, each in its own tastefully labeled heavy paper sleeve (thankfully they are also properly si ... Read More »

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