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Orange Monday

Can anyone tell me the history - in a PM please? Thanks -adamRead More »


I got a chance tonight to seee A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (for the millionth time), but in Broadcast HD. Here is what I noticed... First, this film has been plagued with poor video white, video black, and especially poor video red in just about any format. I have seen this film in 35mm multiple times and ... Read More »

the cheesy orange lights on my receiver

I really like my new Pioneer VSX-D814, with one exception: it has these bright orange lights -- one above the volume control, and one behind each of the source select buttons. These lights are driving me crazy, they're very distracting and just plain cheesy-looking. I know I really shouldn't do t ... Read More »

Did anyone see that Orange Bowl? (OT)

First off - the game sucked Then came the half-time show. First, a little history...the Orange Bowl actually originated the overlong, bloated half-time show, propelling those dreadful 'Up With People' into thinking they were a viable act back in the '70s. These extended half-times can't be good f ... Read More »

David Kilgour's Frozen Orange next month

Huh, you may ask? Who be dat? Well, might only be of interest to a couple three of us around here, but I love the last few David Kilgour albums so it's good news to see he has a new one coming out soon :) 28th June 2004 - David Kilgour on Arch Hill Arch Hill can't quite believe our luck right no ... Read More »


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