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Have you guys seen the Olive 3HD

This thing looks like one hell of a deal at $999. I just got my copy of TAS and it had this in there as a product of the year. I thought the price was miss print but no. $999 music server - where all others are in the $4-10k range. [url]http://www.olive.us/products/music_servers/olive3hd ... Read More »

New Music Servers from Cambridge Audio, Rotel, Marantz and Olive

For anyone thinking about taking the plunge into music servers, there are now 4 new sub $1K options from Cambridge Audio, Rotel, Marantz and Olive. Cambridge Audio has the $650 Sonata NP30 Network Music Player: [url]http://news.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/10381/654494.html[/url] Rotel ha ... Read More »

Olive Symphony

Hey I stumbled across one of these in my stereophile mags and it seems like a really cool component. From what I gather the olive symphony is a cd player which has a hard drive to which it can stro 80 gb of music and stream it via wifi to up to five computers. Thats incredible? First question to com ... Read More »

Need Advice. Olive Opus Music Server

I'm thinking of purchasing the Olive Opus Music Server No4 ($1500). The idea is that I can box up all my cds once they are loaded on to this simple machine. It will sit on top of my amp just like a cd player and serve up full cd quality music for at least 500 cds. Does anyone have any experienc ... Read More »

Cambridge Audio or Olive Digital Music servers

I'm thinking of adding a digital music server to my system. The two at the top of my list are the Cambridge Audio Azur 640H and the Olive Musica. Does anyone have any experiance with any of these units? Or have anymore knowledge on the differences in these units, DAC's quality of CD players/bur ... Read More »


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