Leaving the Nuance Setup

So I was wooh`d avfew years ago as a 19 year old and forked over 5g`s for 2 Sets of Nuance MK2`s their matching Center and a Harmon Kardon AVR 525. Now 3 years later I have 4 speakers that sound like crap cause theyve had weekly parties played on them. A - all the International Stereo`s in Edmont ... Read More »

Nuance, anyone else get scammed?

Yes about 10 years ago i went out looking for the ultimate system and got suckered into these pos speakers. i got the speal about the 3d sound and all the crappola about how they were the best. sat in the chair and was hit with their (doctored) cd. walked out with over 12 thousand dollars worth of t ... Read More »

Dahlquist speakers is part of Nuance

Im shock to learn that Dahlquist (Canada) is part of Nuance ! Went to my favorite audio store and notice they were clearing all their Dahlquist speakers at below cost .When I found out that Nuance bought the Dahlquist name and product line no wonder they want to clear their store .Nuance probably wa ... Read More »

The Nuance thread

Hey all, first post here. I'm going to start off here at audio review with a bang...I'm sure after reading this huge post the Nuance lovers are going to try to rip me to shreds. But thats ok, I'll have my flame suit on and after all the cold hard facts I submit and the Nuance fanboys still don't "ge ... Read More »

nuance speakers

I notice a lot of ppl either slamming this product or praising it in the reviews but nothing in the forums. I used to sell nuance and i also own nuance. what do all of you think about this product?Read More »


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Floorstanding Speakers

Spatial 3 4.18
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Star 1SM 3.28
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Star 2S 3.88
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