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Norh ACA 2B Tube Preamp

I am intrigued by the Norh ACA 2B Tube Preamp... Certainly the price is right : $399.00 !!! I have been unable to find any reviews of that preamp. How good is it ? ThanksRead More »

nOrh 4.0 Marble pair + shielded center (3 speakers)

Hi. I have had these speakers for a few years, and they have worked great for me. They are in like new shape. I love their sound and don't really want to get rid of them, but we are redoing our tv room, and they won't fit well in the new room. I paid $1075 from their website, which included ship ... Read More »

NORH 6.9 Prism

Does anyone have experience with this NORH or the company? I've seen generally good reviews.Read More »

nOrh Mini 9.0

I own these speakers, and would like to review them on AR. Thanks! nOrh [url]www.norh.com[/url] main speakers Mini 9.0 $1500 USD [url]http://www.norh.com/products/sm/index.html[/url]Read More »

Norh 4.0 vs. Norh 5.1 for Stereo Sound

I am looking for speakers that will be a nice conversation piece in my livingroom and I really like the nOrh's. My livingroom is about 20'x12'x9' and it also connects with the diningroom, so its rather large. Has anyone compared the 4.0's to the 5.1's? I want the synthetic marble if I go with ... Read More »


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