Lying Salesman Nexus 7/Ipad Mini

I was at Best Buy the other night taking a look at 7" tablets and the Ipad Mini, comparing the size as I am going to buy a Nexus 7 or the Ipad Mini. I was looking at the Samsung 7" Galaxy tab when a salesman came over and asked if he could help me. I said yes but what I did not realize was that he ... Read More »

Brand New BlackBerry Bold 9700-$210,HTC Google Nexus One-$21

MERCANTA LIMITED we are one of the leading mobile phone distributorsis. We are Legitimate registered company under government registration and licensed, Registered No.03173568 We are recognized distributor of various consumer electronics we sell latest brand and new original phones from there ma ... Read More »

F/s HTC Google Nexus:$280/Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB:$230/Nokia N900:$240

[B]ALAPOMEJI LIMITED,Registered Under Malaysia Govt, is one of the Nation’s largest electronic distributor and is generally regarded as offering the best deals contract on the web. We offer great variety of newly-released, branded electronic products ranging from laptops, mobile phones, plasma / lcd ... Read More »

For Sale HTC Google Nexus One $230 T-Mobile Pulse $180

TRANSYT LIMITED offers drop-ship and wholesale services for a wide range of brand new and original consumer electronics from mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players to game consoles. We, TRANSYT LIMITED run our business with full integrity and honesty. We offer our customers value–for–money p ... Read More »

New Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB & HTC Google Nexus One at affordable price

We are a Recognized Distributor of Various Consumer Electronics, We Specialize in a wide Range of Products such as Mobile Phones, Laptops, Video Games Console, Digital Cameras, (Etc) At Affordable Prices. This phones are unlocked and can be used with any SIM card. No activation required This p ... Read More »

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