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Anybody near Philly want 2 free tickets to see Destroyer?

The show is June 17th, a Sunday night, and I'll be coming back from Myrtle Beach that day so I cannot make it there. I have the 'print at home' tickets in pdf format, so I can easily e-mail them to the first person who PMs me with their e-mail addy. Destroyer is a very good Canadian indie band an ... Read More »

3D audio is coming to a theater(and home) near you

Several months ago I posted about a 3D audio format called Iosono that literally surrounded the theater with 300-400 speakers. This system had the ability to place audio objects anywhere within the space of the auditorium including outside the speakers and walls, and far, far over your head. The com ... Read More »

The end is near for "cheap" Chinese products

I knew this day would be coming, but it came a lot sooner than I thought. The day of cheap products made in China may be over. It seems that a series of strikes and factory shut downs initiated by employees demanding higher wages and better working conditions is sweeping China and chasing out some ... Read More »

Deal Alert: Does anyone live near DC??

Look at this deal. If I didn't have a setup I'd jump at this. THsi guy has been trying to sell it for weeks. So, I'm sure you can get it for $200. [url]http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/ele/1521018014.html[/url] Best Regards, StanRead More »

So....anybody live near Austin?

As in Austin, TX? Thinking of making my way down there toward the end of May and wanted to pick some brains about the area. There are plenty of resources on the web (TripAdvisors.com is a favorite), but I like getting the low-down from people who live there or near there, or just know a lot about it ... Read More »


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