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So I went to see Rhett Miller the other night...

...at a huge brew pub called Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg, PA. It's really close to home and their Abbey Bar on the second floor hosts some nice little shows and they're always relatively cheap (this one was about $20). For those of you who don't know this guy, he's the 42 year old fr ... Read More »

Miller & Keisel 75 Mark 2 sub worth fixing?

Is my broken Miller & Keisel 75 Mark 2 sub worth fixing? I bought it about 8 years ago from a local dealer. Last week it simply lost power and does not function. The sub was fantastic. I suppose my questions are: 1. What do you think is wrong? 2. Is it easy and cheap (because I'll probably do it ... Read More »

The Legendary Jay Miller Sessions

Hey Everyone, I bought a beat up copy of Lazy Lester- Poor Boy Blues. Its amazing!! For anyone who thinks Stevie Wonder wears the harp crown, think again. This guy can blow! After some careful research, I have come to discover that the producer, Jay Miller, was an icon himself. He produced ... Read More »

Miller And Kreisel Mx-70

So i came across a M&K MX-70 subwoofer for about $50 and i was wondering since i've never had experience what everyone thought of these who have? I heard that were pretty good, more so for music, but decent deep bass and good response.... Worth the $50 as a good buy? I see a low pass filter sw ... Read More »

Clarke-Miller-Wooten show recap..BadASS Bass

For those who can’t imagine how three of the world’s best Bass players could coexist together on stage, think of California Guitar Trio on steroids and Bass. First up, Stanley Clarke put Bass on the map back in the early 70s and setting the stage for folks like Wooten. Secondly, Marcus Miller ha ... Read More »

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