Tannoy Mercury V4

Guys, ever since What HiFi did a review on these speakers I have wanted to give this pair a listen. I finally found a dealer in the USA who stocks this particular speaker and I have just about convinced myself that I "need" them. Have any of you guys ever had an opportunity to listen to the TMV4's ... Read More »

Freddie Mercury final performance

This a very moving music video from the band Queen featuring their single "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", where Freddie Mercury look very thin and frail due to AIDS. Filmed in May 1991, this was Mercury's last performance in front of camera. He died six months later. [URL="http://www.youtub ... Read More »

Google tribute to Freddie Mercury

Monday would have been Freddie's 65th birthday. Google put together this little video in tribute to him. What a voice!Read More »

Freddie Mercury's final music video...

Based on [URL=http://eatthis.inmusic.ca/2011/05/final-freddie-mercury-video-revealed-watch.html ]this article[/URL], it sounds like this was never released and was found when research for a documentary was being done. He looks awful and it looks to me like he's lip syncing. I felt sad watching it. ... Read More »

Freddie Mercury movie?

with Sasha Baron Cohen in the lead? just heard it on the radioRead More »


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