lightning strike ... HUS VTF-2 now dead!

a few weeks back my house was struck by lightning. took out security system, phone, and computer moden and nic. my hsu vtf-2 subwoofer was also a casualty. it was the only piece of my ht setup what was not protected by a surge protector. it was kinda working for a few weeks. when i would tr ... Read More »

What do I really need for lightning protection?

Gosh, I dont want to come off like a cheap dude, but I don't really have $550.00 to spend on a Panamax surge protector. :17: I recently bought a APC for my computer system for $150.00 that protects the entire computer systems, printers, monitors and such from lightning, why does a surge protector f ... Read More »

Replacing equipment : Lightning strike

I am in search of a new receiver. I have M&K S150 fronts and center with an M&K MX350 sub. My rears are Paradigm ADP450's. I had a Marantz 7000 but have been looking at a Denon 2805 or 3805 for the replacement. I need a nice receiver in the $800 to $1700 range that will push these speakers and gi ... Read More »


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