Leon Speakers

I have been working and helping innovate new ideas for this company for over a year now and Leon Speakers has truly taken home theater audio to unimaginable new heights. I would love it if you guys could visit [url]www.leonspeakers.com[/url] and let me know what you think about some of their product ... Read More »

Leon Speakers Takes Home Audio To Unimaginable New Heights

Leon Speakers has been innovating the best audio and sound for over 10 years. If you think your "Bose" home theater system is the "bees knees" you have another thing coming. Leon Speakers was the first custom audio shop to match the dimensions of your TV to any speaker. The only way to fully underst ... Read More »

Anyone ever heard of Leon Speakers?

Curious for my own reasons. I stumbled across some ads of theirs in a few a/v mags. I'd love to talk to someone who owns something by them. [url]http://www.leonspeakers.com/products.html[/url]Read More »


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