Sony Unveils Blu-spec Audio CDs

Gordon Kelly over at is reporting on a new Sony technology that will use the blue lazer for higher quality CDs Audio. This is probably going to be cool, and released in Japan in time for x-mas '08. But are we really going to ditch are plethora of old recordings on CD in case we mi ...    Read More »

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what do you think of running 2 brutus brz1700.1 on 2 kicker 15" solo baric L7 D2

So this is wat I'm doing, I already bought 1 kicker SL15 D2 sub which ill run at 1 ohm parallel powered buy 1 brutus brz1700.1 amp. I want to get the 1 sub up and running before adding the other because I am going to have to upgrade my alternator and get a yellowtop. I figured ill run each s ... Read More »

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