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Kelly Joe Phelps - Western Bell - Review

Wake me up when it's over. I saw KJP about five years ago after Shine Eyed Mister Zen came out and was extremely impressed by his playing, if not his singing. He is an incredible guitar player. But then I picked up his next two albums Sky Like A Broker Clock and Slingshot Professionals, and then ... Read More »

R. Kelly finally goes to trial.

Gee, it's only been about 3 years, or was it longer, that he was charged with filming child pornography. Now the girl is denying it's her on the video, but it sounds like she may be lying and can easily be proven. It's on tape! Duh! Couple that with the fact that Kelly has settled outside of court ... Read More »

Kelly Joe Phelps

If anybody likes folk-blues, please check out Kelly Joe Phelps. Any of his CDs....Read More »

Kelly Wells - Is Accept as Clank

:) No, that's not the name of a new artist and record, but the title in an e-mail that I just got from "Kelly Wells" and it made me chuckle. I'm sure I'm not the only one getting these phishing type e-mails that are actually ads to sell you Cialis (spelling), Viagra and other such pleasantries. I ge ... Read More »

Kelly Clarkson: Can CD mastering get any worse?

My significant other loves K.C's 'Breakaway' CD. I guess I woulndn't mind it as much, except for the fact to my ears this is the worst mastering job I've heard in awhile. Does somebody else who owns this CD (and knows the differenece between good and bad recordings) could please pop it in their play ... Read More »


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