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jc's top 10 of 2006

Wish I had better skills for writting and more time to polish it up. As it is, I have neither. As I work to try to get the rest of my comp online for d/l I'll go ahead and put up a down and dirty top 10 of 2006. Personally I had a great time listening in 2006 as there's several discs I enjoyed t ... Read More »

Calling Tentoze, ChrisNZ, JC, JDaniel, Jar, Slosh, Stone, Davey, Finch & even Yech

Just wanted to throw out some thanks to all of the above for a whole bunch of comps I’ve received from you guys. I got some free time last weekend to sit down and have a really good listen to them and lift some tracks for a comp or two which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. I’ve ... Read More »

Multiple thanks to JC and Mr. MidFi!

Tuesday was bonus day at work when the mailbox was stuffed w/ 2 discs apiece from JC and MidFi. Jim sent his Halloween comp (very good for playing at work- especially the reading of [I]The Raven[/I]) and a very lofi disc of a band called [I]The Legends[/I]. Hmmmm. I dunno about this one, yet. It doe ... Read More »

Jackson, toze, JC - Packages Rec'd - Thanks!

[font=Georgia]Gents,[/font] [font=Georgia]I rec'd a ton of comps in the mail today. Thanks amigos. I was sitting here listening to [b]The Best of Van Morrison.[/b] Your musical delivery from this disc is much appreciated. ;) [/font] [font=Georgia]JD[/font]Read More »

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