Jazz post. Everybody just ignore and move on

So there's a new [URL="http://forums.audioreview.com/rave-recordings/npr-exclusive-first-listen-31761-3.html#post391018"]Wayne Shorter[/URL] album streaming on NPR which is pretty decent. A jazz legend who brings his A-game. You all should listen (and listen past the first 10 minutes. It's a pretty ... Read More »

xmas JAZZ!

i attended the kkjz show-Jingle Jazz at the el rey theater in LA. only 50 bucks for two seats! (and that includes a year's membership in the radio station which is public funded.) barbara morrison sang and stood up on her, now ONLY leg (recent diabetes event) and swung hard. THEN it was kurt el ... Read More »

NOLA Jazz Fest lineup announced.

I really need to get there again as it's been 7 years. Don't think 2012 will be the time though (sigh). [url=http://lineup.nojazzfest.com/]Jazz Fest 2012[/url]Read More »

Hi-def video of Gavin Harrison's jazz drum solo on David Letterman Show

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTcokoyn_HQ&feature=player_embedded]Gavin Harrison - Drum Solo (2nd Week) - David Letterman - HD720p - YouTube[/url] Click the link (or don't). Some of you will dig this. You know who you are.Read More »

Jazz Radio

This Jazz station has been playing classics going back as far as I can recall from my teen years. For those of you who like Jazz music this station might be for you. Happy listening. [url]http://web.krtu.org/[/url] LeRoyRead More »


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