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Quarkie Launches Audio Art Headphones

Quarkie Launches Audio Art quirky headphones shaped like snake heads, rusty bolts and cats eyes A new line of expressive and high-performance headphones hits the UK, Hong Kong and U.S markets Quarkie looks, Serious Sounds – that is the message from Quarkie regarding their exciting new range of ...    Read More »

Plantronics BackBeat 903+ Bluetooth Wireless Heaphone Editorial Review

Pros: One Touch Control to easily answer phone calls Dual Mic and AudioIQ2 technology for clear conversations Flexible band for easy storage Easily connect to iPhone, iPad, Airbook, or any Bluetooth devices Cons: Build quality is a little iffy Not exactly HiFi sound quality Bl ...    Read More »

Furutech / Alpha Design Labs Launches Three New Products Esprit DAC Digital Preamplifier, Stride Portable Headphone Amplifier, and iD-30P Series iDock Cables

Alpha Design Labs Launches Three New Products at CES, the Venetian, Suite 30-215 Esprit DAC Digital Preamplifier, Stride Portable Headphone Amplifier, and iD-30P Series iDock Cables 1/7/2012 • Tokyo, Japan • Furutech Co., Ltd., manufacturer of analog and digital audio and video cable plus a wide ...    Read More »

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Help me fing best isolation Earbuds/IEM under $60

Hi all, well I'm new member and new to headphones/sound quality. I can say I'm average iPod user so far using Apple earphones, or sometimes Sony - Clip-On In-Ear MDR-J10. Did little research yesterday (2 hours)and would like to have something better. I would like to buy isolation Earbuds/I ... Read More »

Isolation Feet for Turntable

Hey Everyone! I have ordered my Vibrapod type 2 isolation feet for my turntable. Thanks for the reccomendation emaidel! Anyhow, I was walking through my workshop and saw a large piece of carpet underlay. Like a strike of lightening it came to me. I looked at the piece and thought for a moment ... Read More »

Vibration Isolation - Copying the big boys with my own DIY project

After reading the online article on the highly tauted $85k Walker Proscenium2 Turntable, I decided to mimic a few of their installation methods. See the original article at [url]http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue23/proscenium2.htm[/url] I noticed their stand is much like the DIY flexy a ... Read More »

Subwoofer Isolation?

Has anyone experimented with isolating / decoupling their Sub from the floor? I have found with my main speakers, spiking and placing them on slabs of granite/flagstone that bass became less boomy and more detailed. Any comments from those who have tried this with their Subs?Read More »

Isolation Question - Vibrapods, Spikes, etc.

A while back I played around with Mappleshade brass isolators, their least expensive ones, and didn't really think they made much of a difference so I sold them. For my turntable I build a DIY platform using feet from an Audio Refinement CD player and it did make a slight difference in improving the ... Read More »

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