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Help me fing best isolation Earbuds/IEM under $60

Hi all, well I'm new member and new to headphones/sound quality. I can say I'm average iPod user so far using Apple earphones, or sometimes Sony - Clip-On In-Ear MDR-J10. Did little research yesterday (2 hours)and would like to have something better. I would like to buy isolation Earbuds/I ... Read More »

Isolation Feet for Turntable

Hey Everyone! I have ordered my Vibrapod type 2 isolation feet for my turntable. Thanks for the reccomendation emaidel! Anyhow, I was walking through my workshop and saw a large piece of carpet underlay. Like a strike of lightening it came to me. I looked at the piece and thought for a moment ... Read More »

Vibration Isolation - Copying the big boys with my own DIY project

After reading the online article on the highly tauted $85k Walker Proscenium2 Turntable, I decided to mimic a few of their installation methods. See the original article at [url]http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue23/proscenium2.htm[/url] I noticed their stand is much like the DIY flexy a ... Read More »

Subwoofer Isolation?

Has anyone experimented with isolating / decoupling their Sub from the floor? I have found with my main speakers, spiking and placing them on slabs of granite/flagstone that bass became less boomy and more detailed. Any comments from those who have tried this with their Subs?Read More »

Isolation Question - Vibrapods, Spikes, etc.

A while back I played around with Mappleshade brass isolators, their least expensive ones, and didn't really think they made much of a difference so I sold them. For my turntable I build a DIY platform using feet from an Audio Refinement CD player and it did make a slight difference in improving the ... Read More »


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