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Where to sell high-end and vintage audio equipment?

Greetings. I'm looking for your opinions on where I might best be able to sell and get reasonable prices for some very, very high end audio equipment and a large collection of vintage equipment. My brother is a retired collector/hoarder with more money than brains. He likes records and has some r ... Read More »

True high end wireless speaker system

Dynaudio Xeo 3 and 5. The speakers are based on the Excite series and have built in amplification, the transmitter module has a variety of inputs and sends the signal to the speakers, no more wires, plus I believe you can have up to 3 pair of speakers run on one transmitter for an easy multiroom se ... Read More »

10 Cars to Beat High Gas Prices

By the editors of Popular Mechanics and MSN Auto. Not in any particular order: [b]Chevrolet Cruze Eco[/b] Price as Tested: $19,745 PM-Tested Fuel Economy (city/hwy): 28/42 [img]http://fp.images.autos.msn.com/Media/580x348/1f/1fcfddb8c391493689701a26fa6706ab.jpg[/img] Cruze Eco features a ... Read More »

Yet another high-end class D amp

Yet another high-end class D amp announced: [url=http://www.avguide.com/article/mbl-introduces-the-c15-mono-power-amplifier?utm_campaign=Weekly+Email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email-343&utm_content=Computer+Audio+for+Beginners;+Spendor+A3's;+Electronics+from+Consonance,+Electrocompaniet+%26+Nai ... Read More »

High Violet on vinyl

HIgh Violet is pretty much old news but I just received a vinyl copy yesterday and it would be hard to find a better example of the difference between cd and vinyl. I obviously love the music so the massive amount of compression never really bothered me. Somewhere I along the line I read an equi ... Read More »


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