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more Signs of hard times, in the retailing business

[url=http://www.vcstar.com/news/2012/aug/06/vanns-appliance-store-files-for-bankruptcy/]Vann's appliance store files for bankruptcy » Ventura County Star[/url] I'ave bought a few things from them (on line) over the years. its sad to hear this, even though they'r just reorganizing their finances ... Read More »

A really hard question for you Moody Blues fans

So, you know that Moody Blues song where he sings, "I'm just a singer in a rock & roll band"? What band was he singing about?Read More »

Bass players (prog- hard rock-oriented)

Keep an eye peeled for a disc by bassist Alberto Rigoni called Rebirth. I picked this up yesterday and it's got some interesting guests: Gavin Harrison plays drums on three tracks, Michael Manring guests on bass on a couple tracks, as well as a few other players (keyboards, vocals) sprinkled thru th ... Read More »

I need a great hard drive for my music server...

Hey All, So, which hard drive do I buy for the music server I am building? While were at it, is there a mobo out there which stands heads and shoulders above the others when it comes to audio? Does choice of hardware even matter if I am using kernel streaming? Thanks for your time and expertise, ... Read More »

Hard Delete vs Soft Delete

Please - Mods - Don't ever hard delete "physically remove" another users post. Please always soft delete a post. You are welcome to physically remove spam post. But if it a legitimate post that has to be delete for flame baiting/ verbally abusive language/ none PG13 (family) language/ none ... Read More »

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