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Furutech power cords

Hi, Has anyone tried the Furutech Fp-314ag cable or any Furutech power cable? I found it nice and detailed however a little forward in the mids. Will this change with burn in? If so -how many hours? Have anyone compared them to other brands? Thanks, Steve.Read More »

Furutech deMag Wins Innovations Award

[I]For Press Information and Photos Contact Jonathan Scull • Scull Communications [url]www.scullcommunications.com[/url] 212.807.0519[/I] [I][SIZE="4"]FURUTECH WINS INNOVATIONS 2007 DESIGN AND ENGINEERING AWARD FOR DEMAG [/SIZE][/I] New York, New York, November 8, 2006 – The Consumer Ele ... Read More »

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Power Cables

FP-3TS762 0
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$ 84.00
Piezo Powerflux 0
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$ 2380.00

Video/Digital Cables

U-P2.1 0
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$ 40.00

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60.0 WA BLACK: