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So this is a FUNAI

My P.O.S Sharp blu finally died completely, so I went to Walfart, they were out of the 80 buck LG, so I got the Magnavox for 68 bucks. When I got it home Funai was written all over the instructions. WHEN BLU players were still becoming commodity items the word Funai came up quite a bit. They are a ... Read More »

Funai Wins Order Blocking Vizio TV Imports to U.S.

Looks like this is the first of the multiple patent infringement claims against Vizio that has led to specific action by the International Trade Commission. Basically, the federal agency has ordered Vizio to either stop importing TVs to the U.S. or pay a bond on every TV that they import into the U ... Read More »


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DVD Players

DV-220SL8 DVD Player / VCR Combo 0
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$ 87.00

Flat Panel Televisions

F42PDME 42 in. EDTV-Ready Plasma TV 0
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$ 120.00
0   Reviews
$ 1445.00

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