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Fried Chicken, silent killer

What an eye openning experience eating fried chicken. Recently we went to out to eat at buffet style restaurant, and took two pieces of fried chicken breasts home. The next night to warm up the chicken I put two breasts in the oven for 15 minutes and when took it out, there must have been at leas ... Read More »

Ever wonder what fried circuit boards smell like?

Rough weekend. In the span of 5 days I've lost three of my best friends. 2 days after I sold my trusty ol' Rotel RB-980 power amp and NAD 3140 integrated to clear out some of the less frequently used goods for the impending move, one of my Adcom GFA-535 s died. Poor guy...not sure what happened ... Read More »

Fried Mitsubishi Parts

Hi all, I was the proud owner of a rather old, but great mitsubishi modular system that got blasted by lightning. I get power to it, but cannot choose any of the units to play. Is it all toast??? Any suggestions on replacements? It was a cassette-cd-turntable-receiver from the late 90s. It was ... Read More »

Denon AVR fried....again! Cause??

Last night my Denon AVR 1804 "blew" for the second time in three months. By "blew" I mean the surround processor literally went "POP!" , sparks flew and a whisp of smoke drifted out of the back of the unit. The first time this happened, I was not actually at home, but my wife "thought" that lig ... Read More »

AVR-1804 Fried--New A/V Receiver Recs?

During lightning storm last week, my Denon AVR-1804 went out and when I booted it back up it only plays in stereo mode--no surround. That's a problem, seeing that I just spent $3k on a Paradigm 5.1 setup and Velodyne amp. I called a shop that I trust and they said that the surround processor is lik ... Read More »


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