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Frugal horns w/ Fostex FE126

Finally!! I have these for audition for an indefinite amount of time. Basically, until I love em or hate em. I am hoping that this will be the final frontier for me. I want something that can convey my system's exceptional midrange, and these puppies should do the trick. They were made by Dav ... Read More »

ever hear these speakers? alnico fostex?

i saw a pair of ZENITH ALLEGRO 3000 speakers i didnt read into them until today. and i read that they have alnico drivers as well as a horn tweeter. woofers have treated cloth surrounds. and that they sound better with a bigger enclosure than what they came out with from the factory. i think ... Read More »

rotel with fostex

Hi, I'm looking for a power amplifier under $600. I already have a vincent sa-31 hybrid preamp that I was using with a technics power amp( now broken). I found a Rotel RB-1050 at good price, but is it ok for the Fostex FE206? Some people say it's very bright and so it would not match well with fost ... Read More »

Fostex FE206E 8" Full-Range

I have a pair of AR bookshelf speakers, the kit coast me 175+$. Fostex FE206E 8" Full-Range is the same price and they do not need any crossovers?! Haw are this drivers compare to peerless(AR kit) Had any one listened to this drivers?Read More »


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