Mr Clean Magic Eraser - Fantastic Audio Cleaner

The Magic eraser cleans everything audio related. Not only does it work great on a dirty stylus but it cleaned the strobe dots on my Technics TT and now they shine like new money. I couldn't believe the crud it took off the bushed metal top plates of my Bottlehead mono-blocks. It even cleaned an old ... Read More »

Fantastic news! The Tea Party has rebanded!

No, not the political Tea Party. The Canadian band, The Tea Party! As one my favourite bands, I was very disappointed when they abruptly broke up in 2005 shortly after the release of their [I]Seven Circles [/I]album, which I considered their best. Their singer, Jeff Martin, left the band to try h ... Read More »

Just Saw My First Old Film Non Blu Ray DVD on my Blu Ray Player and it was Fantastic!

Just saw an old Schlock 1960's horror movie that I loved called It! with Roddy McDowlell about a Golem that is a Statue that comes to life with awful special effects- I loved it, on regular DVD and it looked fantastic on my Blu-Ray Player. I am an Blu-Ray Believer. I feel like I've discovered crack!Read More »

Fantastic leather furnitures!

Welcome to leather furniture store. Incredible leather furnitures offers. [url=]lane office furniture[/url] [url=]luxury bedroom furniture[/url] [url=]c ... Read More »

Blu Ray disc: Fantastic 4 (Silver Surfer) can or cannot be played by PS3 ??

It is said that Fantastic 4 (Silver Surfer) blu ray disc cannot be played by some blu ray players. I am using Play Station 3 [B]version 1.93[/B] and wonder if my PS3 can play the disc. Thanks a lot.Read More »


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