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21st Amendment Brewery - Hell or High Watermelon beer most extreme appreciation

Uh... it's well recorded? Seriously, any of you who've been lucky enough to share a beer with me over the years know that I'm a man of proletarian tastes when it comes to beer. Give me a Grain Belt Premium, Fat Cat, or Black Label and I'm happy... but they just started carrying this beer from San ... Read More »

Extreme, Extreme, Extreme, ahhh-phooooiee!

What's with all the Extreme this and that today, especially in the media. Everything is EXTREME!!!!!! My main gripe is with the weather and/or "Global Warming". Today at lunch every channel was covering the extreme weather in NE and other areas. When has the NE not had bad weather in the w ... Read More »

Short Attention Span to the Extreme

Reading the debate about listening to songs vs whole albums got me thinking: what if we took the short-attention span thing to the extreme.... to the point where single sound snippets is all we listened to?? Here are some that would be on my playlist: - Harrison's opening 12-string guitar chord ... Read More »

Odyssey Extreme Monoblock Amplifiers

Please add a category for this amplifier to the Odyssey range of models listed. Manufacturer Name: Odyssey Manufacturer's Website Address (critical): [url]http://www.odysseyaudio.com/[/url] Category (DVD Player, Subwoofer, etc): Monoblock amplifier pair Product Name or Model Number: Stratos ... Read More »

DCCA Audio The EXTREME PowerWave REF-1 reference power cord

DCCA Audio offers The EXTREME PowerWave REF-1 reference power cord. A very detailed and natural sounding power cord. This PC was designed to compete with the finest audio products on the market. For more information please contact Don at [email]virgo3ref@aol.com[/email].Read More »


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