New ESS Heil AMT

Parts Express is now selling these which haven't been produced in many years. They are getting lots of interest in OB and corner horn circles. [url=]ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer AMT Tweeter 264-600[/url]Read More »

ESS Translinear

I tried to buy a pair of ESS Translinear speakers the other day even though I don't need another pair of speakers. This was more for nostalgia because I remembered I really liked these speakers back in the 1970's. I limited my offer to a token amount because they needed some repairs and the driver ... Read More »

zaldek s2000's, ESS-SL50's

hey im new to this forum and to advanced audio. bought the zaldek 2000's left/right/center and a friend of mine gave me hes ESS SL-50'S for rear speakers my receiver will be the yamaha rx v371 how are these? i havent found anything about the SL-50's but the guy the that gave me doesnt have shorta ... Read More »

ESS AMT 1AM - original 12" woofer info

Hello, I need information on the original PAPER cone woofer installed on ESS amt1 am. I found two sets of initials in an old catalog: 12" with 350 max power watt, and 12" CF with 200 max power watt. 1) Which is installed on ESS amt1 am ? 12" o 12" CF woofer? 2) You can have the diagram ... Read More »

ESS reborn?

Several months ago, as I was finishing a 12-hour drive to Long Island, and pulling into my sister's driveway, my cell phone rang, and it was someone who told me he was starting up ESS again, and wanted to talk to me as I had worked for ESS back in 1979-1981. I couldn't speak to him at the time, and ... Read More »


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