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Upgrade help please, Marantz experts esp.!

My receiver (Yamaha RX-V 995), DVD player (Toshiba SD-4700) and Cd changer (Yamaha CDC-715) all gave out over the past month. The Toshiba was a disappointment only lasting 5 years with limited playing time. The reciever performed admirably over 7 years and the cd player - astonishing for over 15 ... Read More »

New Patrick Moraz CD: ESP

I've been listening to the new Moraz CD this week, called ESP, which stands for Etudes, Sonatas & Preludes. Moraz has played keyboards with Yes on the Relayer album and tour, and then played keys for the Moody Blues for about 20 years. Like his last solo CD, this one is all accoustic piano solos ... Read More »