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End Of An Era

At least around this neighborhood. I REMEMBER paying fifty bucks for a membership at Star video. Now the only video stores left is one BLOCKBUSTER and a porn palace. Now its just the porn palace. Saw on the news that two companies have ganged up to buy BLOCKBUSTERS physical plant, DVD's, store s ... Read More »

Another era officially comes to an end.

I couldn't tell you how many of my CDs came from Columbia House. I remember many deals of 10 CDs for a penny or another similar offer. Honestly, I thought Columbia House had closed it's doors a long time ago. I haven't received anything from them or heard anything about them for many years. But appa ... Read More »

End of an Era

People, Just read on Gizmodo that Panasonic just pulled the plug on the Technics brand. R.I.P SL-1200 :( [URL="http://gizmodo.com/5675818/end-of-an-era-panasonic-kills-off-technics-turntables"]http://gizmodo.com/5675818/end-of-an-era-panasonic-kills-off-technics-turntables[/URL] The SL- ... Read More »

ERA D4 series speakers with Denon AV-788, Marantz SR5002, or Onkyo TX-SR605

I am putting together a system for a family member and will be using ERA D4 series [url]http://www.signalpathint.com/index.php/Design-4-Series/[/url] speakers for the front and center channel in what will eventually be a 5.1 or 7.1 channel surround system with a Blu-ray player as the primary source ... Read More »

We are in the era of Internet Radio

I am listening to Internet Radio as I write this and have been for a few months. The internet has the a very large, comprehensive as well as accessible library music for anyone who is interested in music. I am currently listening to a latin music station based in US whereas I am based in Europe, thi ... Read More »


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