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So I'm still looking for a better deal on an Epson 8500UB.

I was hoping, as someone mentioned, the price would come down quite a bit in the summer since the new models usually appear in the fall, but they've held steady at about $2100 or so at most places. I did find one advertised at CentralDigital.com for about $1980.00, and that would be with free shippi ... Read More »

Anyone know of Epson LCD TVs?

Hello out there, I need help with review info on an Epson LS57P2 (57 inch LCD). The picture in the store (a reputable one at that) looked great and at $2800 with the stand after a lot of negotiation, I don't know if I should resist. My first concern is the brand - there are no reviews in Audio ... Read More »

Epson Printers/Scanners

Does anybody know of a reputable online retailer that is worth looking at for Printers and scanners? I'm particularly interested in Epson products so somewhere that stocks Epson stuff would be particularly useful. Many thanks in advanceRead More »


Epson Product Categories

MP3 Players

P-6000 (80 GB) Digital Media Player 0
0   Reviews
$ 700.00
P-7000 Multimedia Player 160GB MP3 Player 0
0   Reviews
$ 761.00

Remote Controls

(V12H007T06) Remote Control 0
0   Reviews
$ 21.00
(V12H007T13) Remote Control 0
0   Reviews
$ 20.00
1456641 Remote Control 0
0   Reviews
$ 38.00
V12H007T0B Remote Control 0
0   Reviews
$ 45.00


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