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Disney WOW Calibration Disc

At CEDIA Expo 2010 last month, Disney debuted its World of Wonder (WOW) Calibration Disc, a step-by-step visual guide to calibrating and optimizing an entertainment system. It has a full set of video test patterns and audio test tones to improve system performance. The WOW disc will be released Nov. ... Read More »

Effin' Disney MUST DIE!!!!!!!

I almost ran off the road yesterday when I heard the news on the radio. No, war hadn't declared (can't remember the last time it actually was), nobody of import had been shot at and Michael Jackson hadn't risen from the grave. No the news that upset me was word from Hollywood that Disney had just bo ... Read More »

Disney HD only on Blu-Ray? NOT NOW!

In a suprise announcement yesterday at the E3 conference, MS announced that it will be adding Disney (HD)films to its XBOX LIVE Marketplace. MS also announced that it has currently grossed $125 Million in VOD (Video on demand), and offers content deeper, and wider than ANY cable provider in the US. ... Read More »

The Walt Disney Studios and Dolby Bring Digital 3-D

By: PR Newswire; The Walt Disney Studios and Dolby Bring Disney Digital 3-D(TM) to Selected Theaters Nationwide With CHICKEN LITTLE on Dolby Digital Cinema. Disney once again leads the film industry by introducing Disney Digital 3D(TM), a brand new, state-of-the-art technology providing the f ... Read More »

Walt Disney World

Guys, just got back from a family trip to Walt Disney World. Had an experience I just had to share. Epcot is supposed to be a view of future technologies and lifestyles. I just couldn't resist the demonstration of the "Home Theater of the Future" The presentation turned out to be a comercial ... Read More »


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