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Dish Network (nee Blockbuster) Planning to Compete with Netflix

With Amazon making some waves this week with their new streaming deals with NBCUniversal and CBS/Paramount, an interview with Joe Clayton, chief executive at Dish Network, indicates that they are prepping their own entry into the streaming arena. As you'll recall, Dish Network paid $320 million t ... Read More »

Dish Network buy Blockbuster

[center][img]http://www.euronews.net/wires/reuters-business/images/2011-04-06T081725Z_01_BTRE7350N1600_RTROPTP_3_OUKBS-UK-BLOCKBUSTER-DISHNETWORK.JPG[/img][/center] (Reuters) - Dish Network the second-largest U.S. satellite TV company after DirecTV, won Blockbuster Inc in a bankruptcy auction for ... Read More »

Dish Network just crapped their pants.

I was reading in the Wall Street Journal today, and a small item caught my eye. It seems that Dish just launched a HD SAT the other day, in part to catch up with DirecTV. Ooops, seems it didn't reach the right orbit due to an "error" during launch. This means: 1. The new HD channels Dish has ... Read More »

Direct TV or Dish Network?

Hi, Looking to subscribe to either Dish or Direct TV. Need advice on Hi Def Receiver's which are good which to stay away from. Leaning toward Direct TV since I can get all my locals from them not sure about Dish. If anyone has any links for good satellite review sites please feel free to p ... Read More »

Dish Network Box-Wiring to 3 TVs

Right now I have just one TV wired up to my Dish PVR receiver. I would like to add a couple more TVs. The chances of more than one TV being watched at a time are remote. Is this as simple as a three way splitter hooked to the "Out to TV" with 3 cables running to the various TVs? Is there much d ... Read More »


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