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Dell Axim X51v And Blu-ray Movie

Similar to the X50 series, Dell Axim X51v has both built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and is one of the first to utilize the new Windows Mobile 5.0 software It has a fast processor and up to 195 Mb of non-volatile memory. Although it has a lot of advantages and high tech factors, it still can not support p ... Read More »

DAC-For Dell Laptop-->Audioengine A5 Set Up?Help Appreciated

Hi Fellow members.. Really hope you can help with some simple advice,Re inexpensive [B]DAC[/B] for my [B]Dell Studio (32 bit) [/B]laptop which feeds a pair of [B]Audioengine A5 [/B]active speakers.I currently use the [B]Behringer UCA-202 [/B]Interface-USB in RCA output This was suggested on an ... Read More »

M-Audio Bx5a To partner Dell studio Laptop? Advice appreciated.

Hi To Everyone..:22: From Newbie in Norway.. Hope you guys are able to advice me on a couple of things? I know it is always difficult to advice folk on specific models? as it is down to the listener usually at the end of the day..Unfortunately in my particular case I will have no way of audi ... Read More »

For Sale Brand New Dell Xpsm2010 & Dell Xps m1710

Global Online Market LIMITED is one of the biggest names in the field of consumer electronics, information technology, telecommunications, home appliances, office automation and entertainment Around the World and is among the first transnational corporations with a well spread out network of 31 reta ... Read More »

dell 20 inch lcd monitor

i have a question about the dell 20 inch lcd monitor. why is the non-widescreen version more expensive than the widescree one? isn't a widescreen better than a non-widescreen?Read More »

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