Happy Birthday, Miles Davis

Last Saturday would have been the great jazz trumpeter's 86th birthday. I can't think of too many musical artists that I would classify as revolutionaries, but Miles Davis absolutely fit that description in every way. He rewrote the jazz template no fewer than three times during his career. H ... Read More »

She's got Bette Davis Eyes

Ok, List your favorite recordings from the 1980's.....easily the most bizarre decade of music.Read More »

March Music Madness, CHAMPIONSHIP match: Miles Davis vs. Pixies

[B]Championship match: Miles Davis vs. Pixies[/B] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fyi, here's the results of all prior matches (winners in bold): [COLOR=DarkRed]Final four: [B]Pixies (9) [/B] vs. Modest Mouse (3) [B]Miles Davis ( ... Read More »

March Music Madness: Miles Davis vs. REM

Can "Prince" Miles knock off Michael Stipe and his band?Read More »

March Music Madness: Miles Davis vs. Lou Reed

I know some of you hate these odd match-ups, but hey...shouldn't be too hard if you just go with your favorite :)Read More »


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