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Breathing new life into my Counterpoint amp

Ater re-tubing my Pre Amp, I still though there was something missing. I knew the amp should sound better but was not real sure where to start when looking at the tubes. It uses 2 EZ81 Rectifiers and 2 6DJ8 tubes. I was emailed by a member of another board out of a discussion on modding Counterpo ... Read More »

Out with the Counterpoint and In with the Stratos

So after living with the Counterpoint NPS-400 for several monthes and getting used to a different sound, I swapped it out of the system and put my Stratos back in. I am still using the Clearfield Continentals and will rotate the Dynaudio 82s back in for more testing. Immediate observations were: ... Read More »


Axiom Audio:

FGH 26: