Contour 1.8 Mk II Early Observations

This has been an exercise in patience. Got the speakers on Monday and had already ordered some new cables as I realized that the cables I had were not long enough for this setup. They came on Sat and I was not home to sign for them, so I made arrangements to have them redelivered on Monday. So the s ... Read More »

Dynaudio Contour 3.0 versus Mission 753

Hello, I have a pair of Missions 753 connected to a Nad C370 & Nad C272 (bi-amping). Herefore i only had the C370 and with the addition of the C272 i got more bass, depth and better soundimage. The advantage of the Missions is that i can put them almost against the wall (± 10 cm). Now i have th ... Read More »

Dynaudio Contour S5.4 and B&W 803D

[IMG][/IMG] I went to Pro Home Systems in Walnut Creek, CA today to check out some speakers. Kevin helped me out. I only listened really to two speakers, the Dynaudio Contour S5.4 and the B&W 803D. [url]http ... Read More »

dynaud.contour s3.4 vs dali helicon mk2

Hi Everybody, In the process of upgrading my whole system. I wanted to see which of these speakers would be a better match for my Vincent cd s6 mk (tube player) & Vincent Integrated sv 236 mk (hybrid). I am also considering the Devore Super Gibbon 8. Any insight would be apprec ... Read More »

Chord SPM 600 VS Plinius SA102 VS Bryston 4BST with Dynaudio Contour S3.4

I am looking at a power amp for my dynaudio contour S3.4. My room size is 4 meters by 6 meters (distance between speakers and me 4 meters). I am at a loss to figure out which 2 channel power amp to choose for my system. Which amp would be the best match for my Dyn S3.4. I will also be looking at l ... Read More »

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