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anybody hear or have a Columbia HD-95 Projector?

im looking at one for around $500. i want a projector that is hdtv ready and has good picture.Read More »

Just picked up a Columbia/Legacy CD of Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper's '68 Super Session.

As a bonus, it's got a few preciously unreleased tracks and two originals without the overdubbed horns. I forgot how truly great an album this was. Bloomfield was a master axe slinger bar none. Too bad he slowly extinguished his own flame via drugs. I think this album was his last hurrah, and ... Read More »

AudioQuest Columbia interconnects

I have just purchased a set of RCA AudioQuest Columbia interconnects for my Marantz SA7001 KI SACD player to my Plinius 9200 amp. Previously I had a set of Monster Cables from 20 years ago. These new interconnects have a battery which supplies a voltage to the ground to keep it charged. I have onl ... Read More »

Columbia House?

Does anybody purchase their DVD's from Columbia House? What is your opinion on their prices, customer service and DVD selection? Have you run into any problems with them? I've been a member for awhile, but after it took 2 months for me to receive a copy of Batman Begins(also the way they ... Read More »


[b][i]"A KILLER GANGSTER PICTURE!"[/b][/i] -Gene Shalit, [i]Today Show[/i] [b][i]BASED ON A TRUE STORY[/b][/i] While I don’t really agree with my quoted cohort above, this film has always been mildly entertaining at the very least; nowhere in the same caliber as renowned established titles of ... Read More »

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