chord cobra 3

Hi, Is the chord cobra 3 a good sounding interconnect? How does it compare with kimber pbj? I want an open top end, solid bass and natural mids, and good soundstaging. Regards, steveRead More »

For sale:Audioquest King Cobra RCA

Selling both .5 and 1 meter lengh.Both together for $150.Sold separately .5 for $75 and 1 meter for $125.Reason for selling is I've moved up to the AQ Cheeth and AQ Jaguar.There is no box for either of these cables.Read More »

Want to review AQ king cobra interconnect

I could post it on the review of the Dimondback but not sureRead More »

Cobra ad is freakin' me out!

What's the deal with the cobra taking up the right side of my screen on some of the boards? Is there anyway you guys can get a replacement ad?Read More »


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