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Vertigo tops Citizen Kane in greatest film of all time

Alfred Hitchcock's [i]Vertigo[/i] has occupied top billing in the British Film Institute magazine Sight & Sound's "greatest film...." poll done once-a-decade by international critics since 1962. 2012 poll sample of 846 film critics, academics, distributors, writers and programmers from all corners ... Read More »

Citizen JSA 8

Hey Everyone, This old tank is in great shape. It hadn't been cleaned in some time but aside from that it's ready to go. Lots of knobs and switches, so it took a while. About a pound of weight for every watt, power supply alone has to be a good 20. First run sounds good, it'll be a fe ... Read More »


OK here it is in all its glory...not cleaned up yet...Read More »

Wifey is becoming a citizen!

It's been a long long, long road, but it's finally going to happen. Wifey is going to become a US citizen next Friday. This road began way back in 2001. After years of filing paperwork, doing interviews, getting pictures and fingerprints taken, and lots of waiting, it's finally coming to an end. ... Read More »


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