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Axiom Audio Launches New "Monster" VP160 Center Channel

Dwight, Ontario, Canada (February 2nd 2012) - Axiom Audio, long known as a leader in sound quality research, has added another center channel to round out its comprehensive center lineup.  The company announced today the official release of its VP160 Center Channel, an innovative center speaker desi ...    Read More »

V-MODA Unveils FadersTM by Ear ArmorTM Hi-Fidelity Metal Earplugs to Protect Your Hearing

Los Angeles – December 1, 2011 - V-MODA, the maker of critically-acclaimed and award-winning headphones including Crossfade LP and Crossfade M-80, is thrilled to announce the availability of Faders tuned earplugs, the first of several protective offerings under Ear Armor, Inc. Constructed from to ...    Read More »

Merlin Music VSM-mme Upgrade to Master User Review

MSRP: $10,000 Description:Two-way floor standing loudspeaker system with Bass Augmentation Module (BAM) 6.5 inch paper carbon-fiber cone 1 inch soft dome Crossover point at 2200 Hz 1 Reviews 0 Quick Ratings 5.00 of 5 More Floorstanding Speakers from Merlin Music ...    Read More »

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Chief Dating is noble

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Chief Manufacturing or Sanus Wall Mount?

I need a tilting wall mount for a plasma tv. Has anyone heard of wall mounts made by Chief Manufacturing? Any recommendations on Chief vs. Sanus wall mounts? Both offer 15 degrees of tilt.Read More »

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