Impressions of Blue Jeans Cable

A kindly gent borrowed me a pair of Blue Jeans LC1 RCA cables and I wanted to share my thoughts. Especially since many here hold them in high regard. My review will be some what backwards. First, let me state that if all I had was $35.00 give or take BJC is a no brainer. They have actually som ... Read More »

Cable Wars Episode 2 - Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back

As was promised in the previous linked post, the owner of Blue Jeans Cable, a corporate litigation lawyer himself for 25 years, posted his response to Monster Cables attorneys. They just might have picked on he wrong guy. [url][/url] ... Read More »

Monster Cable suing Blue Jeans Cable?

As if Monster doesn't already have enough litigious trespasses already, now they want to stifle the competition for simply offering a lower cost alternative. While I'm not normally one to post a link to another forum, I think the meat of this thread deserves some attention. I do have the admin' ... Read More »

Blue Jeans Cable

Hi I was hoping you could post listing for the following: Manufacturer Name: Blue Jeans Cable Manufacturer's Website: [url][/url] Category : Component Video Cable Product Name: Belden 7710A Price (MSRP): $41.00 Link to an Image: [url]http://www.bluejeanscable ... Read More »


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Belden 7710A 5
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$ 41.00

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