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Audio Research LS26, Bel Canto PRe3 and McIntosh C220 Preamplifiers Reviewed

We will not be talking about the ability of these popular preamplifiers to transport you to musical bliss or to bring musicians into your listening room. This survey is not about the musical performances of these components and how the bass, midrange, treble, or soundstage is more or less like the “ ...    Read More »

Bel Canto S300iUSB Integrated Amplifier

Built-In 24/96 USB Input Board and DAC Improves Computer-Based Music Files Bel Canto Design, Ltd., manufacturers of analog and digital source components and amplifiers pulls the cover off their latest integrated, the S300iUSB for fast-proliferating computer-based music systems. My Playlist Myself ...    Read More »

CEntrance Ships "Audiophile Desktop" Bundle

Las Vegas, NV - January 10, 2012 - At the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas, CEntrance, Inc. begins shipping its new Audiophile Desktop(tm) product bundle. The system packs a stereo pair of "MasterClass(tm) 2504" desktop 2-way coaxial speakers and the "DACmini(tm) PX" desktop amplifier and DAC. The bundle ...    Read More »

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Bel Canto REF500M Class D monoblock power amps

I recently picked up a pair of these brand new at a used price on EBay. Very much enjoying them. I'm using them as part of an active bi-amp setup. They're powering the mid+ribbon drivers of my Magnepan 3.6R speakers. (I have a pair of 1000ASP ICEPower modules on the bass panels.) These are ... Read More »

Bel Canto DAC

jrhymeammo... and all who are interested..Its magic! The Bel Canto is now configured running straight to the amp, bypassing the preamp altogether, Flipped the switch on the back of the DAC 2.5 and WOW! The sound is absolutely Fabulous! Totally different sound from running through the Rotel preamp. ... Read More »

Class D switching amps - Bel Canto

Anybody out there using a Class D digital amp? Like the Bel-Canto amps? Just wondering what people think about these. They are usually less expensive than Class A/B amps, light weight by comparison, use less electricity, run totally cool, and are still very powerful. Sounds like a dream right? ... Read More »

bel canto CD-2 / GamuT CD3

I was on the point of getting out the credit card for an Ayre CX-7 when I came across a posting that suggested it might a good idea to audition the Bel Canto CD-2 before making the decision. A local dealer has the Bel Canto, and also has an ex-dem GamuT CD3 at a price I could just about afford. Anyo ... Read More »

Bel Canto eVo2i Gen II integrated -- Class 'A'???

Stereophile rate several other Bel Canto Design eVo models Class 'A' a couple of years ago, though not specifically the eVo2i. Be that as it may, I'm totally satisfied with the sound of my unit; howeverI want to move to separates to gain the additional flexibility. Asking US$1400; (the last MSRP w ... Read More »

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