Avia Home Theater test tones vs. Pre/Pro Internal Test Tones

I had loaned out my Avia Test Disc a couple of years ago and since I got it back I popped it into my PS3 and got out my SPL Meter and was immediately struck by the disparity regarding the levels for the LFE. To calibrate my system with Avia I would have needed to boost the LFE significantly, which ... Read More »

AVIA Guide to Home Theater vs Digital Video Essentials?

I am trying to order a good video calibration DVD for new TV and came across these two on Amazon. The amazon reviews recomend the Avia one but I thought I would ask the experts what they think. Or, maybe there is a better one I don't know of.Read More »

The AVIA DVD Guide to Home Theater

Anyone familiar with this? I just ordered this because there is a wait at Netflix and apparently Netflix doesn't come with the filters. I definately need to use this on my Panasonic 34" HD. I went on another board and the settings these people put for this make me think they're totally blind. I'm de ... Read More »

new AVIA release date...

anybody have a clue when this will be? I'm debating on buying the 1999 version (for $31 on ebay including shipping) or waiting until a new one comes out ( if its in the near future) I keep putting the current avia off because it only supports 5.1 and im not sure about HD. Any thoughts here? cur ... Read More »

Looking to rent the Avia guide

I've found the Avia Home Theater Guide for rent on Netflix but I'm wondering if they only send the disc as usual, or do they include the test strips? Has anyone tried to rent it?Read More »


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