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Axiom M3v3 Bookshelf Speaker Review

If you have ever browsed AudioReview.com you surely must have seen the ads for Axiom Audio speakers. I have, I see the ads all the time. So I emailed Axiom and asked, “Can you send me a pair to review?” I sit here every day looking at these speakers and haven’t really had a good chance to hear them. ...    Read More »

2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Coverage - Grant Fidelity, Zu Audio, Red Wine Audio,Sjofn HiFi

I had a bit of plan jotted down on my phone. Have to meet these folks and those folks, would like to hear this room and that room. But as I road up in the elevator to the smaller show rooms I ended up just trailing the first group of folks exiting the elevator.  You think they noticed they were bein ...    Read More »

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Review of AVA's New 400R amp, FET Valve Pre and DAC

I had the opportunity to do an in home review of the AVA's new 400R power amp and Fet Valve Preamp and Fet Valve DAC- Here is the link to my reivew on the audio circles forum It is not a technical review. [url=http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=102855.new#new]Review of AVA's New 400R ... Read More »

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