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I like what Audyssey did for me

My Marantz AV8003 is the first processor I've used to have an auto set up feature. So since I was used to setting it up myself and all the negative things I've heard about Audyssey and similar set up programs I just never tried it. I finally got around to running my Audyssey just to see what it co ... Read More »

Audyssey odessey

I LIKE my Sharp Blu player, hated replacing it. But today I reset the microprocessor, and its working fine(hate to do that). But the default is LPCM, and I Like the receiver doing the decoding of audio codecs. Well, I finally got that switched back around, and the little light came on my recieve ... Read More »

Denon AVR-1505 Audyssey problem

Hello there i have recently bought a denon avr-1505 with Onkyo sks-ht51 speakers (5.1) i have done the calibration set up with the microphone and set up the Audyssey feature, but it seems to lose it's calibratrion/memory. . last night i watched a film in DTS and geberally i have the Audyssey EQ ... Read More »

Denon + Audyssey = Feature Packs for Sale!

[URL="http://www.usa.denon.com/upgrade/"]http://www.usa.denon.com/upgrade/[/URL] Interesting concept; don't know if this is offered by other AVR manufacturers but maybe Denon's taking a cue from Sony's PS3... sort of? My boss owns a 3808 and just purchased this feature package which includes volum ... Read More »

What do you think of your Audyssey? Use it?

Hi, I have talked with a couple people who didn't agree or like the set up Audyssey gave them. One was a novis so I didn't give that much weight, the other should know but the processor was new to them and they had electrostats. I read on another forum that electrostats can give Audyssey a fit and ... Read More »


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