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Is Audible Illusions Still in Business?

I have emailed twice and called 3 times with no response. Are they still in business??? I am the owner of a used Modulus 2D Preamp that has an intermittent whistle in one channel. After opening the unit I find 2 Chinese GoldenDragon tubes and 2 Sovtek 6922 tubes with a date code of 12/88. The ... Read More »

Audible Illusions 2D Preamp vs NAD C162

I just became the owner of an Audible Illusions 2D tube preamp. Is anyone familar with this unit and have any comments? Also, could I have your opinions on how this should sound compared to my NAD C162 preamp? (which has better bass, fuller midrange?) I'm using this with an NAD C521BEE CD player ... Read More »

Audible Illusions Modulus L1- Am I missing something?

Howdy folks! Well I got a chance to audition one of the above, probably the highest quality piece ever in my system. Clarity. Noise floor. It should be GREAT! It has a very nice sound BUT - it seems like it, as my audio challenged SO put it!, "runs out of steam". It gets louder but never seems ... Read More »


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Modulus L1 4.75
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