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ShengYa A10CS MKII Integrated Amp User Review

ShengYa A10 MKII ~ $550 Integrated Amp The Sheng Ya A10CS is a hybrid (thermionic/solid state) integrated amplifier rated at 150 watt per channel (into 8 ohm) with the first 10 watts being pure class A. Sheng Ya claim that the A10CS MKII is a “Seriously upgraded model to the famous SV-236” (refer ...    Read More »

Moscode 402Au OLT stereo power amplifier Review

Featured Article from Doug Schroeder describes a progeny of OTL amplification: The $6,495 Moscode 402Au stereo power amplifier Reviewer: Doug Schroeder I recall being in a discussion years ago with a long time audio manufacturer who mentioned a person nicknamed “Gizmo”. I blanked, “Uh…,” while ...    Read More »

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arrow on cable

Hello, This might be a stupid question for some of you, but I'm a newbie for high end cable and I've just purcahased a LAT speaker cable. Both ends are terminated with bananas, but there is an arrow on the cable. So which end goes to the amp and which to the speaker? Please help. Thanks.Read More »

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MS 1400W:

PSB Speakers: