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Aragon anyone?

Does anyone have any experience with Aragon stereo power amps? If so, please explain your thoughts...Read More »

Bryston vs. Sumo vs. Classe vs. Aragon

So i've narrowed it down to (to drive NHT 3.3's): Bryston 4B Pro Sumo Andromeda II Aragon 4004MKII Classe Audio 10 (i've eliminated the acurus a250 and musical fidelity 3.2, i'd love a pair of McCormack DNA1s, but... a leeetle out of my range) I can get each of the above amps for around the ... Read More »

Aragon vs McCormack ?

I'm looking to compare 2 amps that can run my Infinity Kappa 7. I'm thinking to get a McCormack DNA-1 power drive, or an Aragon 4004, I read a lot of reviews for both of them, they have great reviews, but I couldn't find one vs the other in quality, power and soundstage clarity, I listened to the ... Read More »

Anyone familiar with Aragon Stage One Pre/Pro?

I'm currently using a 3802 as a pre while I decide what road to take. I have an option to buy a new Aragon Stage One for two big bills and am trying to decide if it's worth it. 1. The problems I see with it so far: a. Klipsch doesn't seem eager to drive this line and is pulling it out of prod ... Read More »

Which Setup? Shanling/Aragon or Jolida

I have a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR speakers and am debating on which setup to get to go with them. The two choices are: 1) Shanling T-100 cd player and the Aragon 4004MKII. This setup gives me a tube pre and SS power. I also like this option because the Shanling has upsampler/preamp and a tube h ... Read More »


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