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Need Help with a Fuse for AR 108PS Sub

Hello!,, I am new here. I am trying to find a fuse for my AR 108PS. I got this sub from a friend. There is no fuse in there right now to get the information from. I look all over the net for a spec sheet or even the manual. I found no information on it. Can someone please tell me what fuse belongs ... Read More »

Thank you to the nice folks I've met on AR over the years...

I've met some nice people on AR over the years and I've even met some in person and enjoyed our discussions immensely. I've also enjoyed the well thought out debates - and even the old cable debates back in the late 90s when the forum was crazy busy. Unfortunately, it's time to leave AR. ... Read More »

AR-5 speaker question

I just found a vintage set of AR-5 speakers.On the back of the speakers are terminals T,2 and 1.There is a jumper between T and 2.My question is in connecting speaker wire from Positive and negative from my receiver. Which wire goes to terminal 2 and terminal 1 on the speaker. I am new at this .Than ... Read More »

SACDs ar Fry's

being used to the dismal and dying selection at the burbank store, i was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly healthy passel of them at the canoga park store. there were classical, pop, rock, jazz, and some other things (a couple of DVDAs) that made me feel good about fry's again in regards to ... Read More »

Someone at AR can't count...

Here's the error message I just got... [B]This forum requires that you wait 15 seconds between searches. Please try again in 224 seconds.[/B] :shocked: :lol:Read More »


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