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Perhaps one of the most influential and best made Sci-Fi film made.... More on me blog.Read More »

Alien Quadrilogy?

Does anyone own this? Is it worth the $70 price tag? How's the PQ and soundtrack? I know the first two are the best, but I can't even remember the final two. If I recall 3 was a let down. I currently only own Aliens(Special Edition).Read More »

"Alien" question.

Caught this again on the starz family and noticed something (after the 500th viewing) that i didn't think of before. Now, obviously this is nitpicky, but just out of curiosity, here goes. After the alien bursts out of john hurt's chest, it runs away. the crew goes looking for it, and when the gu ... Read More »

A New DVD Review: Reign of Fire (Buena Vista) & Comments on Alien vs. Predator

Saw the "ultimate dragon flick" Reign of Fire when it first debuted theatrically in the summer of 2000, and I remember walking out of the theater with my friend thinking how bad it sucked for how much it was hyped.....after borrowing the Buena Vista DVD from another friend of mine the other day, I w ... Read More »

Anyone going to get the Alien boxed set?

It looks great to me. But what i really want is just the extended movies, not all that other crap. What a great group those films are. Alien scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it. Well not really scared, but made me nervous as hell that's for sure. DaveRead More »


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