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How advanced is "Advanced" search?

I want to plug into the Keywords box the search text *What's your favorite XM satellite station?" so I can add mine to it, if a thread along those lines exists. I know I'd probably have to shorten it to something like: Favorite XM station?, but do I need to add any operators to give me exact results ... Read More »

Anybody have advanced info on Onkyo DVD players?

I'm noticing that all the current Onkyo players are on clearance meaning that new models are coming. Does anybody know what's in the pipeline from Onkyo? I'm ready to lay the smack down for a 702 6 disc changer and the only thing that would make me wait is if they are coming out with a newer version ... Read More »

Newbie needs advanced amp output help !

Hi. I know very little about amps, pre-amps and the like. If I can perhaps explain what I'd like to do someone could perhaps tell me if I'm in the wrong place or point me in the right direction. What I would like to do is from one amp feed (cabled or wireless?) speakers in 5 different rooms with ... Read More »


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