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Adire Audio gone bye-bye ...

As a long-time owner of Adire Audio's Rava subwoofer, I periodically check up on the company's current offerings to see what they have available. Sad to say, but it seems like the whole company has pulled up stakes and left people with pending orders high and dry. The website's still there, bu ... Read More »

Adire Audio ripping people off

I want to let people know that I ordered product from Adire Audio in December and after many excuses and delays I asked for my money back. They shuffled me off for several weeks, gave me a bogus UPS number and finally sent me a refund via a personal check that bounced. These guys are clearly in ... Read More »

Adire Audio Partheon in Action 175mm throw peak!

Well here is the partheon in action with out its cone. Quote from Dan himself: "OK, you've asked for it, so Steven had a few minutes spare today and took some video. The Parthenon pumping away at 175mm peak to peak. Many drivers pray they can make it 1/3rd that amount. Even our Brahmas and Tumu ... Read More »

Woochifer: Input needed on Adire Audio subs

Hello Wooch, I am currently looking to upgrade from a Paradigm PW-2200 subwoofer. I often read the threads on these forums and am aware you own an Adire Audio Rava subwoofer. I visited their website and most say, I was impressed with their current line of subwoofers. I am always skeptical of buyi ... Read More »


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